brand awareness

Lasseters Hotel Casino

As works on a venue-wide redevelopment were completed, a visual stimulus was required to bring market awareness of new facilities as well as reinforcing the ‘Centre of Entertainment’ tagline.


Lasseters hadn’t had a TV commercial for many years and the photo library was dated – lacking in human connection and a sense of excitement that was important to support the tagline.


Approval was received from the COO for $20K in production cost (one-tenth of the budget for a commercial by our nearest competitor) to create two new commercials.


Local suppliers were critical for keeping costs down as well as enhancing the Lasseters community profile. Locals were used as models, which provided community engagement and assisted in the viral spreading of the video. Additional leverage to the production was made by hiring a photographer to take stills of each scene to improve the photo library.


Local band Chocolate Starfish was commissioned to write and perform the theme song. They performed free of charge at the venue which was filmed as the finale to the commercial.


Beverage sponsors provided financial support in exchange for product placement.


New footage was shot as new facilities were completed, thus keeping the commercial up to date and providing ongoing awareness of redevelopments.


Two television commercials (pre-8.30pm and post 8.30pm to comply with broadcast standards) were launched June 2013 with a 90-second online version embedded in the website, email signatures as well as social media.


A media release focussing on local engagement received press coverage and generated community support.


A longer 90 second version has generated almost 3,000 views in the first week, outperforming videos from the regional tourism organisation.

“I do not know anyone who can elevate a company’s marketing and PR as you have. I have enjoyed learning from you and appreciate your respect and perception.”

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