brand + visual identity

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT)


Tertiary educator the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) had a very stale visual identity with an image library full of outdated photos and artwork designed piecemeal with no overarching style guide.  The existing CPIT brand had been in the tertiary market for a number of years. The brand was out-dated, had no strong point of view, and no differentiation from the competitors.

To reinvigorate the institute's public perception, more accurately reflect a changing student demographic, and ultimately to attract students to enrol, I created a new brand identity brief to encapsulate:

  • Vibrant colours

  • Multiple people to convey community (the institute's mission was “The community in CPIT and CPIT in the community”)

  • Movement

  • Reflective of diversity especially Maori 

  • Convey energy, enjoyment, and enthusiasm

I worked with an agency to develop a new brand identity including new logo, colour palette and style of photography.


I decided to use actual students for the photos and conducted a student model search on campus, which was successful for several reasons:

  • Fulfilled an institute directive to engage students 

  • A key motivator for people is to see themselves or someone they would like to be, reflected back in photos

  • Created a great story to use for PR purposes

  • It was an accurate depiction of student life and the diversity of cultures


The result was a clear, instantly recognisable brand, full of light and energy, that had a clear point of difference and conveyed a sense of strength and optimism. quite different to the competitor set.  Reputation research confirmed its appeal to the target market.


Executions included out of home advertising, print adverts, cinema, expo and event theme’ing, brochures, social media, digital marketing and merchandise. Using real students as models assisted in the viral spread and brand awareness.

“I do not know anyone who can elevate a company’s marketing and PR as you have. I have enjoyed learning from you and appreciate your respect and perception.”

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