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The Ville Resort-Casino


The Ville Resort-Casino commenced a $40 million redevelopment of the property; unattractive to patrons due to noise, dust, convoluted walkways, and closure of outlets for a period of 12 months. 

I created a ‘Demolition Deals – knock down deals for a limited time’ rolling campaign with offers and promotions to appeal to the local mass market, drive foot traffic, and revenue during this period. 

The Demolition Deals umbrella was created for these offers to sit under in order not to denigrate The Ville master brand, attract the mass market and give a sense of temporary’ness so we could change the offers and remove them as the new facilities reach completion. When the market sees or hears Demolition Deals they know it is a super-sharp offer from The Ville. 

Offers had to have:

  • Mass market appeal 

  • Provide a competitor advantage 

  • Clear, simple and easily understood 

  • Local-centric (blue-collar) 

  • Ability to cross-pollinate with other areas of the business eg food offer to create visitation with a view to patrons gaming during the same visit 

I added second-tier promotions, which were not part of the hero advertising but promoted through the website, social media and in-venue. These offers were designed to attract repeat visitation and secure the valuable day-time ‘grind’ patrons. Examples of these promotions included a meal loyalty card, daily receipt draw, and coffee & cake offer. 

The extensive construction on the property required ongoing in-venue signage, guest communications, and media releases. I wrote and distributed media alerts for press conferences to announce key milestones, organised the events, created the presentations and media packs with fact sheets, photos, and artist impressions.  I created web pages to provide the same information to the public but with the language adjusted to be more aspirational to generate a sense of anticipation and positivity.  All communications focussed on positive outcomes such as increased spending in the community, employment, and elevation of the quality of leisure facilities in Townsville.


I also developed a number of internal communications channels to ensure all staff were updated on progress and key messaging. These included portable pocket-size information cards for quick reference, digital signage in staff rooms, printed and digital staff information briefs, staff newsletters, milestone celebrations, daily feedback reports, and ambassadors to deliver information to their peers. 

Phase one of the campaign from the initial brief to execution in print, radio and TV was just 10 days. 


Additional advertising included billboards, buses, social media (organic and paid) EDM, website, SMS, in-venue and loyalty program direct mail.


  • In the first two weeks of the campaign, patron numbers increased by 100-200%.

  • Spin cafe, on an unremarkable Tuesday in February served more meals and generated more revenue than on historically strongest days, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day or Australia Day.

  • Increased gaming revenue by 20%.

  • Drove 30% of hotel room nights in January 2017.

Sunlover Reef Cruises

While Group Marketing Manager at Sunlover Reef Cruises I created a new ‘Sunlover Loves Locals’ campaign. While Sunlover already had a locals offer the geographical area that you had to live in to be considered a local was unclear.  I made it memorable and easy to understand by encapsulating anyone who lived within a postcode starting with a '48' and used the wording '40% off if you live in a 48 postcode'. Using a typographical treatment this became even more powerful.  Another element was added to some artwork by using the map outline of the geographical area covered. 



21% increase in sales from Cairns and 106% from Townsville.  

The main channel used was a geo-targeted social campaign for a spend of $500.

A January 2020 paid social media campaign targeting Australian families 'Forty For Kids',  generated an additional 650 bookings and 3500 website clicks for a $500 spend.  The campaign was supported by website blogs.

Additional benefit:

  • When setting up the advertising, I added a split-testing component using six different images.  Results showed that photos of a semi-submersible tour and glass bottom boat tour received 350% more clicks than the pictures of a waterslide or a child snorkelling. 

  • The insights gained into which images and activities appealed and motivated that market would help guide future campaigns and inform product development.

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