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At Kathmandu (outdoor brand) twice-yearly brochures were a significant business expense and but were important as they set the umbrella look for the brand. I was decided to investigate how could the brochures provide more value to the reader to encourage greater engagement and subsequent sales but also create partnerships to provide us with additional value for our spend.


The outcome was:

  • I reconfigured the brochure for flow and ease of use.

  • Used ‘real’ people as models such as adventurers for authenticity and credibility.

  • Provided travel tips and vignettes to enrich the brochure for readers.

  • Formed partnerships with regional tourism bodies for complimentary travel, accommodation and prizes, as well as advice.

  • Partnered with a PR agency to bring Australian media to Tasmania for an adventure weekend where they could test our products and culminating in an instore fashion parade.

  • Prominent in-store merchandising consistent with the theme.


The revised brochures went on to win the Australian Catalogue of the Year award and generated $100,000 of publicity including cover of the Virgin inflight magazine.

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT)

CPIT’s existing suite of course collateral numbered over 300 individual items. A strategic plan was developed to overhaul existing collateral based on a hypothesis that the current suite of material was ineffective with more students using digital methods to conduct course research. The layout of existing material was also overly complicated, internally focused and costly to produce.


This was confirmed by conducting experiential focus groups and interviews with front line staff.


I segmented the courses into 10 logical groups based on interest areas and rewrote the information so it was easy to understand, friendly and engaging with quick reference panels, URLs for more detailed information and cross-selling for similar courses. Information was made accessible via a new website, CD, eBook or printed in a brochure, meaning that prospective students could

choose the informational channel they preferred.


I also moved the Annual Report to a digital format embedded with video and interactive tools.


Experiential testing confirmed increased engagement, levels of persuasion and conversion and saved the institute $500,000 annually.

“I do not know anyone who can elevate a company’s marketing and PR as you have. I have enjoyed learning from you and appreciate your respect and perception.”

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