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How to Create a Facebook Business Page & Boost Your Brand

If you’re a small business owner, you probably already know that Facebook is an excellent place to reach the people who are most likely to buy your products.

Even if you don’t have a personal account, creating a business account and finding your way around this large social network won’t take long. Furthermore, it’s a great place to establish your brand, build awareness of your business, and even drive traffic to your website or other online stores where potential customers can purchase your products and services.

In this article, we will discuss how to start a Facebook Business Page and use it to boost your business. Keeping reading...

What is a Facebook Business account?

A Facebook Business account is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an account designed to help businesses find success and connect with customers. Businesses can communicate with customers where they already spend their time.

Unlike a personal account, a business account gives you access to Facebook’s suite of marketing tools, like analytics and insights, messaging, advertising, and sales tools to help you get more leads and convert more customers.

Why Facebook is important for small businesses

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It’s also the most used media platform on the planet.

That alone tells us that it’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a presence on the platform. There are other social media platforms, but Facebook dwarfs the rest in terms of user base, engagement, and importance for businesses.

There are a couple of other reasons why Facebook is especially important for small businesses:

Reach - With 2.91 billion active monthly users, Facebook has a built-in audience that small businesses can tap into.

Cost-effectiveness - With Facebook ads, it’s possible to tap into that massive audience for a relatively low cost.

Here are some stats from Meta (Facebook) reported by Hootsuite:

Prepare to create a Facebook Business account

Before creating your page prepare the following:

  • Business or handle name - this is how you are known and searched for on Facebook and should be the same name as your business. However, be prepared that your name may already be taken so you may need to modify it.

  • Photos to use as profile and cover photos. This could be your logo, products or custom artwork. Whatever represents your brand the best. Note the sizing requirements and ensure these assets are sized accordingly to fit.

  • Description of your business, your products/services, and your USP - what stands you apart from your competitors?

Create your Facebook Business page

  • First you need a personal Facebook account. Don't worry your personal information is not shared to your business page unless you choose to do so. Learn how to do this here

  • Go to

  • Enter your page name - this will look like @username with the URL then being

  • Choose a category (start typing and a list of options will be presented). The category helps people find you when searching for a business like yours so make it as accurate as possible

  • Add your compelling bio

  • Then click 'Create page'

  • Add a profile photo. On a business page this is commonly your logo. make sure it is sized correctly to avoid cropping parts out.

Action button options
  • Add a cover photo - this is the large banner space at the top and is a great place to showcase some of your hero products or services. Ditto re the point prior about sizing. If you have other social media accounts consider using the same profile image and banner for consistency

  • Click 'Save'

  • Edit the 'About' section. There are many fields to update here. Here's what to focus on:

    • Location: If you're a local business, input your business address so visitors can find you.

    • Hours: Brick and mortar businesses should input their store hours as some shoppers may reference their Page to see when they can visit.

    • Price range: You don't have to fill out this designation, but it may help to specify the price range of your products and services to target the right shoppers.

    • Additional contact info: Input your website, phone number, and email so visitors can contact you outside Facebook. This information will also help drive Facebook traffic to your website and products.

    • More info: The description you added in step one should be under "About." You can add more information under "Additional information," and you can write in a mission or vision statement under "Impressum."

  • Add an Action Button. Facebook offers 10+ different CTA options, from Shop Now to Learn More to Contact Us, and some allow you to input your website to help drive traffic

  • Next manage the tabs you display on your page

Manage page tabs

Page settings

From Hubspot:

There are many fields to update here. Here's what to focus on:

In the left-hand navigation, click Settings at the bottom. The left-hand menu will change to more detailed categories, and the right side interface will list (seemingly) countless options.

Skim through these settings and get familiar with what each may change or update on your Page. Here are a few key settings to know.

  • General > Others Tagging this Page: Make sure this is checked as it will allow others to post about and share your Page.

  • General > Similar Page Suggestions: Make sure this is checked so Facebook recommends your Page to new followers and fans.

  • Messaging > Show a greeting: Turn this on so your Facebook Page will automatically send your followers a greeting when open Messenger.

  • Templates and Tabs: If you need to rearrange the menu on your Page or the information offered to visitors, you can do this here.

  • Notifications: This section allows you to customize when and how you'd like to receive Page alerts. Set a frequency that fits your social media marketing schedule.

  • Page Roles: Whether or not you'll be the main manager of the Page, there may be others at your organization who need access to your Facebook Page. Here, you can invite other colleagues to make changes to your Pages.

Congratulations! You now have another powerful digital tool in your arsenal and it was completely FREE!

Now make sure you invite your team, clients, friends, family to Like and Follow your Page and post a variety of content CONSISTENTLY. Remember your audience wants to be either entertained, educated or informed on social media.

Be available to respond to messages and comments. People on social media expect a response far quicker than in the 'real world.'

Final words

Creating a Facebook Business Page is an important first step in using Facebook to market your business. Once you’ve created an account, it’s important to add some key pages to boost awareness, create leads and drive sales.

It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Facebook ad platform so you can start to target the right audience and drive more sales with paid ads. Read more about advertising on Facebook here.

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