small business branching out to big business

Branching Out Tree Specialists

Tropical North Queensland arborist Paul Richmond started Branching Out Tree Specialists over 10 years ago. Always successful, pandemic had affected his traditional marketing methods. His logo and website were tired. His current website provider were going out of business but Paul neither owned his logo, images, cotent or domain. Paul also had no other digital presence and his competitors were starting to 'cut his lunch'. A  referral put me in touch with Paul. We started with the basics.... Secure his domain purchased in Paul's name with complete handover immediately - no on charging at a hefty margin. New branding including logo as not only had he lost all of his logos etc because his graphic design agency owned them all and went out of business, the look was as dead as one of his stumps.  Back to basic - new branding - immediately all native files handed over to Paul as owner, Google Business presence - account immediately handed over to Paul as owner, social media sites, new website with Paul as owner, and training so he could administer it all himself if he chose to.

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