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Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT)

Post the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, CPIT’s physical surroundings were destroyed. Students left the city for competitors to avoid constant aftershocks and the destruction of social infrastructure that impacted their personal enjoyment of student life.

An urgent strategic campaign repositioning was required, which was not to ignore what has happened but turn the negative into a positive.

A new focus on the opportunities and benefits of weathering the demolition and reconstruction of the city – flexibility, leadership, adaptability are all qualities that can set a student apart in the eyes of a prospective employer. Trades and Engineering students would have a unique opportunity to learn on the job and do real-life work assisting in the rebuild. Modern new social hubs will develop to enrich and complement their learning experience. The future was one of opportunity that could be had nowhere else in New Zealand.

The creative execution was unique and innovative in the marketplace with animation overlaying real landscapes depicting the rebuilding of the city in the future and the compelling tagline ‘Now more than ever, your future starts here’. The campaign was led with 2 x 30-second television commercials, supported with a multi-channel promotional approach including billboards, bus shelters, bus backs, print advertising, radio and digital. Backstories on things such as the music composer and director (CPIT lecturers) and interviews with students that participated in the shoot provided even more depth to the campaign and strengthened the engagement and connection to CPIT.


The campaign connected with current and prospective students. Within one year enrolments returned to 100% from a low of 80% and a shift in course choices moved to areas such as trades, engineering, surveying and architectural programs in response to the presentation of employment opportunities in these areas in the future in Christchurch. Students featuring in the creative shared their experiences and the execution through social media, providing word of mouth exposure to the brand and strengthening the campaign reach.

Stop Press (industry publication) Ad of the Week

“Why we like it: Nice use of overlaid animation to show both the potential of Christchurch and the potential of each student.”

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repositioning: Video
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