restaurant identity

Lasseters Hotel Casino


As part of a $35million redevelopment project, a new restaurant was added to the Lasseters Hotel Casino portfolio.


A new identity was required encompassing name, logo, colour palette, positioning in line with other restaurants, décor, landscaping and menu development. The restaurant needed to be distinguishable from its Central Australian competitors and become a key selling point of the new Lasseters property.


I decided that the restaurant should draw on the uniqueness of our Central Australian environment – cultural and physical. The name is an Aboriginal word for ‘sand dune’ and this theme features heavily in original artworks featured in a new hotel wing. The artwork featured on the menu is from a local artist and is titled ‘Tali’. Landscaping using local native flora and with informative plaques and strategic lighting created an added attraction for tourists. Complementary décor further built the Central Australian theme and strengthened the brand.


Other key restaurants in the Lasseters portfolio were analysed and repositioned where necessary to ensure no cannibalisation took place.


The name has been trademarked and a launch was supported with extensive OOH advertising, digital marketing, social media and public relations.


Tali opened in October 2013 and was awarded ‘Restaurant of theYear’ at the AHA Awards for Excellence (NT).

food art direction + advertising

 (mid-range and budget)

Kobe food shoot.png