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tactical campaign + execution

The Ville Resort-Casino

tactical campaign + promotions
Construction as part of an extensive 18-month redevelopment made the property unappealing to patrons.
I created a ‘Demolition Deals – knockdown deals for a limited time’ campaign designed so the master brand would not be denigrated and give a sense of temporariness so promotions could be changed and removed as the new facilities reach completion and price-driven positioning was no longer needed.

Promotions had to:
Have mass-market appeal and be local-centric (blue-collar)
Increase foot traffic and revenue
Provide a competitive advantage
Be clear, simple and easily understood

Cross-pollinate with other areas of the business, for example, a loss-leader food promotion to increase foot traffic would then increase revenue by patrons gaming during the same visit.

Phase One of the campaign from the initial brief to execution in print, radio and TV was just 10 days.
Additional advertising included billboards, buses, social media (organic and paid) EDM, website, SMS, in-venue and loyalty program direct mail.

In the first two weeks of the campaign, patron numbers increased by 100-200%.

Spin cafe, on an unremarkable Tuesday in February served more meals and generated more revenue than on historically strongest days, such as Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, and Australia Day.

Increased gaming revenue by 20%.
Provided 30% of hotel room nights.

Demo Deals campaign snapshot
Demo Deals billboard
Demolition Meals Menu
Hotel Breakfast Business Card
Demo Deal bus
Demolition Deals bus
tactical campaign: Portfolio
tactical campaign: Video
tactical campaign: Video
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