Sunlover Reef Cruises + Australian Olympic Water Polo Squad

Acting as liaison between Australian Water Polo officials, Sunlover Reef Cruises operations, and media I produced the first-ever water polo game on the Great Barrier Reef.

A media alert and release were distributed and I assembled and led a team of photographers and filmmakers to capture high-resolution visuals for their use.

As well as generating positive media coverage, the tourism industry loved that it provided positive exposure to benefit the whole region.

"The innovative training opportunity was a great way to showcase the destination, which is hosting them as they prepare for the FINA World Championships." Tourism & Events Queensland, LinkedIn

"Cool initiative team-Sunlover and some great PR to benefit all in the region đź‘Ť Well done!"
"What a fantastic idea!"
"Great idea"
"Cool location!"

Water Polo PR Montage.png
Sunlover AUS WaterPolo_SJI__20190630_P1088132.png
Sunlover AUS WaterPolo_SJI__20190630_P1088105.png
Sunlover AUS WaterPolo_SJI__20190630_P1088099.png
Sunlover AUS WaterPolo_SJI__20190630_P1088137.png
Sunlover AUS WaterPolo_SJI__20190630_P1088078.png
Sunlover AUS WaterPolo_SJI__20190630_P1088132_edited.jpg