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Why You Should Use Apple Maps for Your Business

It's FREE! Apple Maps is the default mapping service on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. It comes with a

variety of useful features, such as indoor mapping for airports and malls, turn-by-turn navigation, and a detailed view of landmarks, restaurants and hotels.

If you run a business, using Apple Maps for your company can help you reach new customers. Here are some great reasons to use Apple Maps for your business.

Discover and reach new customers

Most people use Apple Maps when they travel, or want to visit an area they’re unfamiliar with. By adding your business to Apple Maps, you’ll ensure that all those users are aware of where your business is located.

Like Google Maps, you can add all of your business details, as well as photos and link to your website. When users search for your business, they’ll be able to see your details and directions, helping them find your business more easily.

Apple Maps works with indoor mapping, so if you operate in a large building, users will be able to locate your business. This is particularly useful for businesses such as those operating in shopping malls where finding the right location can be difficult. Similarly, if you operate in a building that’s difficult to find, mapping your location can help customers navigate towards you more easily.

Monitor your business

If you run a business that relies on foot traffic, then using Apple Maps will help you monitor the amount of people visiting your location. You can view the information for the previous seven days, as well as previous weeks. This can help you identify trends in your customer numbers, as well as times when you’re busiest. This data can help you make informed decisions about your business.

For example, if you see that your busiest times are in the mornings and evenings, you may want to extend your opening hours to accommodate more customers. You can also see how far people are travelling to reach your business, which can help you identify areas that are under-served by your business.

It can also help you identify where your customers are congregating, helping you identify ideal places for events, product demonstrations, or other activities.

Show your location on Apple Maps

Showing your location on Apple Maps is an easy (and FREE!) way to show off your business to potential customers. You can enter your address, business name, hours, and details about your business. When users are looking for businesses on Apple Maps, they’ll be able to see your details, as well as a link to your website. You can also add pictures of your business, as well as a link to your social media pages, so customers can access your content easily.

By adding your details to Apple Maps, you’ll ensure that people who are in your area can see what your business offers. This can help you reach new customers who are in your immediate vicinity, as well as people who are planning to visit.

You can start the process by visiting the Apple Business Register page. You will need an Apple ID (or hire someone who does - hint!) In order to claim a place, you just need to be able to answer a call to your place’s phone number or upload an official document that shows your place’s name and address.


Apple Maps is the perfect, FREE mapping service for businesses, enabling you to reach new customers while monitoring foot traffic and tracking your location.

Using Apple Maps will help you increase your customer reach, as well as make it easier for your customers to find you. With the data that Apple Maps provides, you can make strategic decisions about your business, catering to as many customers as possible.

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